Bump这个词的意思并不仅限于碰撞或者隆起。在日常生活中,我们也经常听到“bump into”、“bump up”、“bump off”等表达方式。那么,它们都代表了什么含义呢?

Bump into


  1. I just bumped into an old friend from college on the street.
  2. He bumped into a pole and fell on the ground.

Bump up

“Bump up”这个短语的意思是“提高”或“增加”。下面是一些例句:

  1. The boss told us to bump up our productivity by 20% by the end of the month.
  2. The store bumped up the prices during the holiday season.

Bump off


  1. Did you hear that someone bumped off the CEO last night?
  2. He tried to bump off his wife for her money.


  • You can bump the TV volume up a little bit.
  • We hit a bump in the road and nearly lost control of the car.


1. The car hit a bump and jolted me awake.
2. She bumped her head on the low doorway.
3. Let’s bump up the price a bit.
4. He bumped into his ex-girlfriend at the party.
5. Uncle Bill was bumped off by a hitman last night.
6. We need to bump up production in order to meet our targets.
7. His plan to bump off the president was foiled by the Secret Service.
8. The bump on his nose was the result of a fight in high school.
9. The ride was a little bumpy but not too bad.
10. I accidentally bumped the vase off the table and it shattered.