1. He closed the door and locked it.
  2. The deal is expected to close next month.
  3. The judge will close the case today.

此外,Close还可以表示”亲密、友好的关系”,如Close friend(好友)、Close family(亲人)、Close relationship(亲密关系)等。在这种情况下,Close表示人与人之间彼此紧密联系的状态。比如:

  1. She is one of my closest friends.
  2. We have a really close family.
  3. Our company has a close relationship with its partners.

此外,Close还可以表示”与某个时间、位置、情况等紧密相关”。比如:Close to midnight(接近午夜)、Close to home(接近家)、Close call(险遭灾难)、Close shave(险些遇险)等。在这种情况下,Close表示某个事物处于一个很接近或者危险的状态。比如:

  1. We arrived close to midnight.
  2. He had a close call with the car on the way to work.
  3. I had a close shave this morning when I almost missed the train.


  1. Close the door on your way out.
  2. The restaurant is closing soon.
  3. We’re close to reaching an agreement.
  4. She has a close relationship with her mother.
  5. He had a close encounter with a shark while swimming.
  6. The concert was a close call, but we made it in time.
  7. Our company is close to bankruptcy.
  8. I’m close to finishing this project.
  9. She’s a close match for the job.
  10. This is a close-knit community.