Comfort 是一个多义词,可以指舒适、慰问、安慰或舒缓痛苦。在不同的语境下,Comfort 可以有不同的解释和用法。


舒适是 Comfort 最常见的用法,指的是一种物质或心理上的舒适感受。比如:

  1. Comfort is important when choosing a room to stay in during your vacation. (度假期间选择住房时,舒适是很重要的。)
  2. My new office chair is so comfortable, I could sit in it all day. (我的新办公椅非常舒适,我可以整天坐在上面。)


Comfort 还可以用来表示慰问和安慰,通常是在别人处于困境或痛苦时使用。比如:

  1. Please accept my comfort in your time of loss. (在你失去的时候,请接受我的慰问。)
  2. Her mother’s embrace comforted her after a long day of hard work. (经过一整天的辛苦工作,她母亲的拥抱让她受到了安慰。)


Comfort 还可以表示舒缓痛苦,通常是指缓解身体和情感上的痛苦。比如:

  1. The pain medication brought comfort to the patient with a broken leg. (止痛药缓解了这位腿骨折的病人的疼痛。)
  2. A good cry can sometimes comfort the soul. (适时地哭一场有时可以舒缓灵魂。)

下面给大家带来10句包含 Comfort 的英文句子:

1. The warm blankets gave me an instant feeling of comfort.

2. If you need any comfort, I am here for you.

3. A massage can provide a lot of comfort when you are stressed.

4. Her favorite sweater is a source of comfort for her when she is feeling down.

5. I find great comfort in reading a good book.

6. The music provided a comforting background for their conversation.

7. After a long day at work, a hot bath brings a lot of comfort.

8. He was able to comfort his daughter after her pet died.

9. The hotel room was designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.

10. The nurse’s kind words and gentle touch were a great comfort to the patient.